International Services

Service Overview

We support a company that has global transaction and a company considering to expand its business overseas with accounting and tax compliance. We also support with English business communications.

Service Details

International Tax Support

We will advise on tax issues i.e. withholding tax and VAT, regarding global transactions, and tax implications for incorporation of an entity in foreign countries.

International Accounting Support

We support a company with introducing IFRS accountings and advise on IFRS accounting treatments. Moreover, we support Japanese subsidiaries with IFRS based financial reporting to foreign parent companies.

Expand a Business in Japan

We support a company in expanding its business in Japan. We will support with incorporation processes and necessary tax compliance procedures (i.e. preparation and filing tax returns) in Japan.

Japanese Interpreting Support

We will translate important documents and mails from Japanese into English, and vice versa, and will also attend conferences to support business communications.

Internal Control Test of Foreign Subsidiaries

We will report the internal control status of target Japanese subsidiaries by performing agreed-upon procedures. We will also hold interview sessions with key local staffs in order to sort out tasks to improve corporate governance.