General Accounting/Tax Consultation

Service Overview

This service covers general accounting and tax compliance support.

Service Details

General Accounting & Tax Consulting Service

We provide you with advice on daily general accounting and tax issues. Our professionals with rich experiences and great expertise will support your corporate management.

Preparation of Tax Returns and Applications

We support you with preparing tax returns of i.e. corporate tax, consumption tax, and local tax, and necessary applications to comply with Japanese tax rules. Also, we are able to prepare double tax treaty applications for withholding tax exemptions.

Second Opinion for Accounting and Tax Issues

We provide you with second opinion for any accounting and tax issues with which you have concerns. Especially, issues with regard to tax reforms and international taxes i.e. withholding tax and consumption tax / VAT are asked frequently from our clients.

Bookkeeping Support

We will support you with organizing invoices, bookkeeping and preparing monthly trial balance. We will advise you on how to manage i.e. inventories, receivables and payables. We correspond to cloud accounting systems such as Freee and Money Forward.

Payroll Support

We will advise you on how to manage master data for monthly payroll calculation, and support you with preparation of necessary documents with regard to salaries. We will also prepare payment slips for withholding tax for you to meet the payment due date.