Start-up Support

Service Overview

We support with back-office operations and financial arrangements of venture companies and start-up companies.

Service Details

Back-office Operations Support

We support you with establishing an organizational structure to collect reliable information for reporting to stakeholders i.e. venture capitals, creditors, investors, and for significant decision makings. We also support you with preparing objective financial reports.

Capitalization Strategy Support

Planning a capitalization strategy requires a well-grounded business plan including cash-flow analysis. We support you with creating business plans, and advise on capitalization strategies as well as debt finance strategies i.e. bridge-loans.

Debt Finance Support

Debt finance will allow a company to plan a flexible funding strategies. We support you with preparing necessary documents to apply for so-called “start-up loans.” Moreover, we will introduce you with applicable subsidies, if any, and will support you with preparing applications.

Start-up Support

We prepared a start-up plan with 2-year special discount. This plan includes incorporation support, bookkeeping support and tax compliance support (e.g. tax returns and tax applications). As an option, we will also support you with financial arrangements.